Diros Cave


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Selinitsa Beach, Gythio, Lakonia, Greece



Diros Cave

The cave of Diros comprises individual caves; Glyfada, Alepotrypa and Katafygi have their own particular value. Over two-million-year-old fossilized animals were discovered at the cave of Glyfada or Vlychada. It is a splendid lake cave, one of the most beautiful in the world. It was explored in 1949 by I.Petrochilos. It has a total area of over 33,400,000 m2. Corridors, 5 km in total length, have been ranged over. The cave of Glyfada is almost at sea level. The temperature varies from 16o C to 20o C.

The cave of Alepotrypa is located 200 m east of the cave of Vlychada. It was discovered in 1958 and was explored by the Petrochilos couple. They brought to light very important findings attesting that people lived in the cave 6,000 years ago! Most of these findings are exhibited at the Neolithic museum of Diros, at the entrance of the cave. The cave of Katafygi has corridors, 700 m in length, and a total area of 2,700 m2. The geologic formations of all three caves are ravishing.